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ALERT! Circulators of Referendum Needed in the City of Medina Saturday, July 23,24, 25 Referendum Petition

Fri, Jul 19th, 2019 11:26:38 am

 ALERT! Circulators of Referendum Needed in the City of Medina Saturday, July 23,24,25 Referendum Petition

Concerned Citizens for Medina City

 If you can help to circulate the petition in Medina on Saturday and Sunday, July 23,24,25 click here and provide your information and our staff will contact you. Also phone 330-887-1922 or contact Joann Campbell at joann.campbell@yahoo.com  

 This referendum will place newly enacted ordinance 112-19 on the fall ballot for the City of Medina.  The ordinance was passed quickly by Medina City Council on July 8th without adequate opportunity for public comment. The language prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity and expression is ambiguous and ill-defined.  This referendum will allow for the people of City of Medina to decide on the approval or rejection of the ordinance.

  Areas of concern that the citizens have expressed:  The public accommodations provision in the City ordinance that passed Council on Monday, July 8 would result in the following negative impacts for the City of Medina and its residents.  The ordinance states – “TO PROHIBIT DISCRIMINATORY CONDUCT ON THE BASIS OF SEXUAL ORIENTATION AND GENDER IDENTITY OR EXPRESSION-“

 Areas of Concern

·        This LGBTQ special rights ordinance provides for a public accommodation section on page 6 of the ordinance. It allows for persons of any “gender identity or expression” to be allowed in any public restroom of the opposite sex.

·         Medina City Schools also have to allow those students that perceive themselves to be transgender to enter restrooms, locker rooms, and showers of the opposite sex.

            ·        Students may be able to choose to compete in sports as a gender opposite of their birth gender. 

·        The City of Medina would face making costly investigations into citizen claims of discrimination based on gender identity and expression which are difficult to prove. 

Business owners will be faced with the decision to make brick and mortar changes to accommodate a third restroom or face fines.

These concerns were addressed before the City Council by local residents who opposed the ordinance. The Council ignored those concerns and passed the ordinance by a 5-2 margin. That is why we are circulating a referendum to put the issue on the ballot for the citizens to decide. 



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