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2017 Legislative Agenda State and Federal 

H.B. 36 Ohio Pastor Protection Act
The bill has had three hearings in the House Community and Family Advancement Committee in February of 2017, and now has stalled. Call your Representative to support H.B. 36.

• Specifies that no ordained or licensed minister and no religious society is required to
solemnize a marriage or allow property to be used to host a marriage ceremony if
the marriage does not conform to the minister's or society's sincerely held religious
• Provides that a minister or society that refuses to solemnize a marriage or allow its
property to be used to host a ceremony for that reason is immune from civil or
criminal liability.
• Prohibits the state or a political subdivision from penalizing or withholding any
benefit or privilege from such a minister or society, including any governmental
contract, grant, or license
• States that the bill is the Ohio Pastor Protection Act.

HCR 10 Condemn manifestations of anti-Semitism

To condemn the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement and increasing incidents of anti-Semitism.

The Ohio Christian Alliance is in support of HCR 10, and is anticipating hearings in the Ohio House in the 132nd General Assembly

H.B. 114 Ohio Revise Energy Efficiency Provisions Bill

The legislation has passed the Ohio House and is currently in the Ohio Senate in the Energy and Natural Resources Committee chaired by Senator Balderson.

This bill would change Ohio's renewable mandates that are costly to utility customers to goals rather than mandates.  The Ohio Christian Alliance supports H.B. 114 because the current policy is projected to raise utility rates on families, seniors, and those on fixed incomes. If wind and solar are to enter the energy grid, they must do so based on their own merits, and not be underwritten by the Ohio utility customer. 

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