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BOOK TOUR - For Their Honor - How the D-Day Prayer was added to the World War II Memorial in Washington D.C.

Thu, Apr 18th, 2024 11:37:32 am
Christopher Long

For Their Honor - How the D-Day Prayer was added to the World War II Memorial in Washington D.C. Click Here To Schedule Chris Long to Speak

Introduction For Their Honor - How the D-Day Prayer was added to the World War II Memorial in Washington D.C.

This book was written to tell the eleven-year journey of how one of the largest mass prayers in history was added to the World War II Memorial. The D-Day Prayer was one of FDR’s fireside chats, but it stands alone as an incredible moment in American history. The date was June 6th, 1944. Operation Overlord, the D-Day invasion of western France, was already underway by the Allied nations. News reports throughout the day were released from General Eisenhower’s headquarters with short statements, but with few details of what was happening with the landings and on the beaches of France. The American public anxiously awaited throughout the day to hear from President Roosevelt for more details on the historic invasion. What they heard that evening was a President inviting them to join him in prayer. This book tells the story of how this wonderful historic presidential prayer was added to the National Mall in Washington as a permanent addition to an already magnificent monument that was dedicated in the honor and for the memory of the Greatest Generation, the 16 million Americans who served us in World War II. In the book, you will notice themes that run through the storyline of Ohioans who played a key role in the creation of the World War II Memorial, and another Ohioan who launched the Honor Flights in 2005 that brought veterans from across the country to visit the memorial that was erected in their honor. You will learn of yet another Ohioan who was one of two medics with the 101st Airborne who were dropped into France and set up a med station in a 700-year-old Chapel in Angoville France, demonstrating the western ethic of unbiased compassion as they cared for both German and American wounded troops. This book details the storyline of the hand of Providence that guided us as we worked through both the legislative and fundraising efforts to see this prayer become a permanent addition to the Memorial. It is a story worth telling as it pays honor to the Greatest Generation in acknowledgment of their sacrifice and service for the cause of freedom and gives glory to the God who answers prayer. It is also written to inspire others to work to advance those same principles and values espoused by the Greatest Generation, and to keep telling their story for generations to come.

The book is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Books A Million and also at DDayPrayerProject.org



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