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   *****ACTion Alert*****   LGBTQ laws clear Medina Council committees

Mon, Jul 8th, 2019 9:48:23 am

     *****ACTion Alert*****  LGBTQ laws clear Medina Council committees

Click here to read the letter from the Ohio Christian Alliance to the City of Medina Council members

Under the guise of inclusiveness, Ordinance 717 would strip business/property owners of their constitutional right to individual liberty with regard to hiring and firing practices, and control over their private accommodations.

In addition, it would require all public schools and facilities to allow biological males (who identify with the opposite sex) access to women's only designated areas, and sports teams. The reverse is also true.

Variations of this legislation have resulted in lawsuits pending throughout the United States. This well-meaning, but harmful ordinance is slated for final approval this Monday, July 8th, 6:30 PM, in Medina's City Hall, 132 North Elmwood Avenue (1 block north and west of Medina's Historic Square).

If you work, live or dine in the City of Medina, please consider attending to make your voice heard on this important matter.

Protecting women and children is a concern of the Ohio Christian Alliance. 

We feel this legislation is unnecessary and will put women and children at risk. Your calls and emails are needed. The vote is scheduled for Monday night July 8.  Contact these City of Medina council members:

 President John Coyne 

330-723-9998, office: 330-849-6677, cell: 330-730-1763 email: jcoyne@medinaoh.org or jcoyne@ralaw.com 1165 Ty Drive

Ward 1 Bob Starcher

234-755-2341,emai:rstarcher@medinaoh.org, 887 Bunker Hill Road

Ward 2 Dennie Simpson

330-725-3302, email: dsimpson@medinaoh.org, 951 Shorewood Dr.

Ward 3 Eric Heffinger

330-887-2388, email: eheffinger@medinaoh.org, 

Ward 4 Jim Shields

330-722-8402, email: jshields@medinaoh.org, 327 Cardinal Drive

Council- At-Large Paul Rose

330-723-3459, email: prose@medinaoh.org, 345 Lakeview Dr.



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