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Pastor who voiced radio ads in support of Issue 1 now is a definite NO vote on Issue 1 - Report

Sun, Oct 28th, 2018 12:42:28 pm

Pastor who voiced radio ads in support of Issue 1 now is a definite NO vote on Issue 1 - Report

Pastor Greg Delaney, who earlier this month was heard on radio ads in favor of State Ballot Issue 1 that was aired on hundreds of radio stations, a combination of talk, Christian, and sports stations, has now come out OPPOSED to State Ballot ISSUE 1.

OCA President Chris Long stood with Pastor Greg Delaney, who works with drug and alcohol and addiction treatment programs, and has been featured by the Health and Human Services Department in Washington, in a press conference in Columbus on Monday, October 15,  to oppose State Ballot Issue 1. Pastor Greg said the following:

"I am here today to urge you to do as I have done and vote "no" on State Issue One. I previously provided public support in favor of Issue 1. I had confidence that Issue One would generate much-needed funding so Ohioans could get access to treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. I wholeheartedly agree with the premise that Ohioans in need of treatment should get that support...

Yet after my support for Issue 1 became public, many long-time colleagues, other members of my faith community, friends from the mental health and recovery community began calling, writing, asking me to take a closer look at the measure. 

Out of respect, I did. After much prayer and conversation, I felt compelled to publicly change my position and put voice to my opposition to State Issue One." 

Here is the Ohio Christian Alliance press release from Monday:



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