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And now a word on this Memorial Day Weekend.

Mon, May 30th, 2016 8:50:47 am

And now a word on this Memorial Day Weekend. Regarding Mr. Obama's visit to Hiroshima, Japan, and his comments that have outraged many veterans and families of veterans: He continues to disrespect, insult, and humiliate American veterans of war and their families while parading as our Chief Executive. I do not expect the majority of the millenial generation to understand, as they have been denied proper education in the majority of the public schools the true history of WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. They have been taught to hate America. They have not been taught the best of our nation and all the good things that she stands for. So, for them, it is no big deal for Mr. Obama to do what he has done. And that is where the challenge lies going forward. The older veterans themselves, WWII and Korean veterans, are passing away at an alarming rate, and with them their stories and testimonials. Who will recount their record in defense of freedom in the face of tyranny? Education is the key. Cherish, promote, and defend accurate history. I am going to dedicate time and resources to the completion of the WWII Memorial Prayer Act that adds FDR's D-Day Landing Prayer at the WWII Memorial in Washington, D.C. The project is being slow-walked through the bureaucracy of Washington, as I feared it might. Pray for me and those who will be working with us for the prayer's placement so that future generations can read and understand why the veterans fought and why they died for freedom.  War Crimes of Imperial Japan: A Lesson In Moral Equivalence for Mr. Obama

Chris Long

OCA President



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